Boost Power Wheels speed by upgrading the battery capacity, modifying the gearbox, and replacing the motor. Regular maintenance like oil changes can also help. Always prioritize safety.

If your child's power wheels car seems a bit sluggish and you're wondering how to make it go faster, you've come to the right place. Upgrading a power wheels jeep to make them faster is not as complicated as it might seem. Let's dive in!

Disclaimer: Modifying your Power Wheels, including battery upgrades, is at your own risk. Such changes can damage the toy, are not manufacturer-endorsed, and void the warranty. We recommend considering these points and consulting a professional before proceeding with modifications.

Understanding The Basics

Power wheels run on an electric motor, powered by a 12v or sometimes even 24v battery. The speed of the car is primarily determined by the voltage of the battery and the efficiency of the motor. So, if you want to make your power wheels faster, you will need to upgrade the battery and modify the motor. You might also want to consider changing the gearbox to improve performance.

Increasing The Battery Voltage

One of the simplest ways to make power wheels go faster is to increase the battery voltage. For instance, if you have a 12v power wheels currently, upgrading it to an 18v or 24v battery can significantly increase the speed. However, remember that a higher voltage can also mean more strain on the motor and gearbox. Always ensure the motor and gearbox can handle the increased voltage to avoid damaging the power wheels car.

Switching a ride-on car from a 12 volt to an 18 volt battery can result in about a 50% faster speed!

But before you take your screwdriver and dive into this speed upgrade, let's consider a few important factors:

  1. Compatibility with Toy’s Electronics: Some newer Power Wheels have sophisticated electronics that might not tolerate higher voltages. You'll need to check if your toy's electronics can handle the increased battery power without needing further adjustments.
  2. Motor Heat: The type of terrain your child drives their Power Wheels on can affect the motor's temperature. Areas with thick grass or hills place a higher energy load on the motor. Increasing the voltage can push the motor out of its safe operating range, potentially causing damage.
  3. Gearbox Stress: A higher voltage means more current, which can lead to increased torque and stress on the gearbox. 
  4. Switches and Wiring: The switches in a Power Wheels vehicle are usually rated for a certain amount of continuous current. Increasing the voltage can cause these switches to draw more current, possibly leading to heat-related losses or damage.
  5. Fuse Considerations: When increasing voltage, it's crucial to think about the fuse in your Power Wheels vehicle. The fuse is a safety device designed to protect the electrical circuits from getting too much current. If the current gets too high, the fuse will blow. So, when upgrading to a higher voltage, ensure the fuse can handle the increased current.

One method is to fit an extra battery alongside the original one. Just make sure the additional battery has the same capacity as the original to avoid over-discharging. For detailed instructions check out WikiHow's guide on how to install an aftermarket battery.

Upgrading The Motor

Another way to make your powerwheels faster is to upgrade your power wheels motor. A new motor, especially an aftermarket one designed for higher performance, can significantly increase the speed of your ride-on.

Pairing the right battery with the right motor is crucial for the long-term health and performance of your Power Wheels. So, as you consider these upgrades, remember that balance is key.

So, how do you go about upgrading the motor? Well, there are power wheels upgrade kits available. These kits typically come with a high-speed motor, stronger gears, and easy-to-follow instructions. WikiHow has also  great instructions on how to install a new motor.

Also, remember to replace the pinion gear on the new motor with the one from the stock motor to ensure it fits perfectly with the gearbox.

Modifying The Gearbox

The gearbox plays a vital role in determining the speed and torque of the power wheels car. By modifying the gearbox, you can make your power wheels go faster. However, this is a bit more complex than just upgrading the motor or battery and may require some technical knowledge.

Adding A Speed Controller

To gain more control over the speed of your power wheels, consider installing a speed controller. This allows you to adjust the speed of the power wheels car as needed, making it go faster or slower based on your child's driving skills and safety considerations.


While we all want our kids to have a great driving experience, safety should never be compromised with a power wheels upgrade. Always ensure that the speed increase is suitable for your child's age and driving ability. 

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